F1/F2 Series Block

F1 Single Sheaved Block:

F1 is the standard lift block made of plates that continues from the size of the B1 series.

SWL:                                              10 – 16 tons

Wire Diameter:                          10 – 16 mm

Outer diameter wiresheave: 16 “, 18″ and 20 ”

SWL refers to the tension in the wirerope. The blocks can be supplied with the following fixing: oval eye, round eye or fork. For more details please see our catalog.

 F2 Double Sheaved Block:

F2 is our standard double sheaved block made of plates which continues from the B1 series.

SWL:                                             12 – 50 tons

Wire Diameter:                         14 – 32 mm

Outer diameter wiresheave: 9 “, 12”, 14 “, 16”, 18 “and 20”

SWL refers to the tension in the wirerope. The blocks can be supplied with the following fixing: oval eye, round eye or fork. For more details please see our catalog.