Møllerodden Certification AS

Brødr. Haukås Mek. Verksted AS has established subsidiary in cooperation with engineer Jon Kristian Simonsen: Møllerodden Certification AS. The company will be offering certification and recertification of lifting-equipment, onshore and offshore. The shareholders in Møllerodden Certification AS are Engineer Jon Kristian Simonsen and Brødr. Haukås Mek. Verksted AS, each holding 50% of the shares. Jon Kristian Simonsen is an approved certification expert.

Møllerodden Certification AS perform certification of all kinds of lifting equipment. We can test and approve test loads for cranes.

Møllerodden Certification AS are able to certify winches, wires, blocks and hooks in our own testing area. We can also bring our test equipment to do the testing on site.

With Møllerodden Certification AS, we wish to have a complete range of services for our customers with engineering, product development, manufacturing and certification of equipment. Møllerodden Certification AS will have the same first priorities as Møllerodden AS products: Quality and safety.

Møllerodden Certification AS also offers service and maintenance for lifting equipment and winches. Test rig for wiring is being designed. (3000 tons.)

Jon Kristian Simonsen, competent person/ inspector: (+47) 91 77 61 23

Office: (+47) 52 70 31 00