Quality lifting products since 1963


Variety of products

We deliver all types of blocks, and a variation of different products. A wide range of standard blocks is available, but we also deliver custom made blocks designed and manufactured according to customer specifications. All our blocks are load tested, and delivered with a load-test cetificate.

Innovative solutions

Our water hydraulic release shackle, the INOshackle™, is designed for lifting and positioning structures and equipment in subsea operations.

About us

Møllerodden is known worldwide for its quality onshore and offshore lifting equipment. The company was established in 1960 and continues to build its reputation for high quality and quick delivery of different kinds of sheaves, blocks and swivels.

Tested & Certified

All products delivered by the company are produced according to Sjøfartsdirektoratet (SFT) and Norwegian standards. All blocks, hooks and swivels are delivered with a load test certificate.

World Wide Shipping

We offer worldwide shipping of our products by air, land, and sea transport. We can quickly deliver standardized products with your preferred shipping method.